New Game – concept sketches

Starting work on a new mech beat-em-up for mobile smartphones.  Check out some of the concept art below!  Mech design inspiration comes from other mech mainstays like Armored Core, Front Mission, Gundam, etc.

This is just the first attempt at coming up with a style – this will evolve and change as we try to find our voice!

Concept art by Cem

FRG2-conceptSDstyle FRG2-concept

ErnCon : Multiplayer Combat Now Available for iPhone, iPad

Available on the App Store

BOSTON – Nov. 7, 2012 – Fans of arcade shooters, rejoice! Intense, top-down multiplayer shooter ErnCon: Multiplayer Combat is now available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Developed by Woo Games, ErnCon was built from the ground up for multiplayer gameplay. Starting with a detailed tutorial, players are introduced to the game’s workhorses, Fighters and Robots, and the high-powered weapons required in order to lay waste to their opponents—including Homing Missiles, Seeking Mines, Rail Guns, and Attack Drones. Once the stage has been set, it’s time to jump into battle with seven other players – fighting for loot, dodging asteroids, and strafing huge space stations sporting the latest weaponry.

ErnCon is a universal app compatible with the iPad, iPhone 3GS and above—and it can be played over Wi-Fi, 3G, and 4G networks.




  • Fight for your life in high-resolution, iPhone 5 optimized graphics
  • Take part in epic space combat battles up to eight simultaneous players
  • Select from more than 20 weapons and 12 “Elite” fighters and robots
  • Choose a mission and start playing right away with a streamlined multiplayer setup
  • Join five playable multiplayer missions from the start
  • Earn cash and XP to unlock and purchase new fighters, robots, weapons – earn XP to unlock new multiplayer missions
  • Add friends and send them boosts to help them in combat (and receive boosts from them in return)!
  • Battle against Android users in cross-platform play
  • Earn Game Center achievements
  • Opt for one-player Survival Mode
  • Show everyone who’s boss with Game Center leaderboards for all missions

“Harkening back to simpler times, ErnCon: Multiplayer Combat translates the intense ‘bullet hell’ gameplay from arcade shooters to 21st century mobile gaming,” says Ernest Woo, founder and CEO of Woo Games. “I built ErnCon on my own—risking it all to come up with something new. If you like multiplayer games–and blasting things in deep space–this is the game for you :)”


Available on the App Store

ErnCon 1.0.8 available on Amazon App Store!

ErnCon 1.0.8 has just been released on Amazon App Store and Google Play!  There are a number of fixes included in this update including a more solid login process, simplified controls for fighters, and UI fixes for tablets and the Galaxy Note.

Remember, ErnCon is a free download!  Get it from Amazon at:

Or get it from Google Play at:

Metal Clashes Tournament June 30th 7pm PST

There will be a Multiplayer Series Event held June 30th and 7pm PST courtesy of Mr. Toucher!RULES

  • You must have a unique OpenFeint name (player 134532 doesn’t count)
  • You must join MRTOUCHER’S Server



Mr.Toucher will keep track of who plays, and what score they get. Scores will be posted in the forums as part of a mini series championship event.


Keep checking in for more announcements! Big thanks to Mr. Toucher for organizing this event!

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A New Game

Sorry for the lack of updates recently. Currently a new game is in progress – the focus of this game will be multiplayer similar to FRG. For now here are some concept art sketches after the break to whet your appetite!